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NYC Human Resources Administration

4 World Trade Center, New York, NY

580,000 square feet

The interior fit-out of New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA)'s headquarters encompasses 580,000 square feet of 4 World Trade Center, spanning over 14 floors. The open workstation fosters greater communication between individuals, moving away from closed office models. A key feature of the design for this space is the color themes that correlate to each floor. There are four different colors that are assigned to each of the 14 floors, allowing for greater ease when navigating the expansive spaces. Workstations, conference rooms and suites make up most of the floor plan. Teaming tables are also placed in the design to encourage collaboration. The interior fit-out at 4 World Trade Center also features training rooms, classrooms, pantries, an interconnecting staircase, copy rooms, filing rooms and storage rooms. Specialty rooms include a graphic print shop, libraries and a command center. The design also features a public assembly space that can accommodate up to 250 people. The interior fit-out at 4 World Trade Center has been awarded LEED Silver Certification.